Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Tuesday

Well, it has been a crazy usual day.

Ruth school, walk with Ruth and dogs, get Abbe, get her some lunch, take her to counselor, go to Meijer, stop and get eggs, VOTE, library, home, dinner, kids ready for bed....

My Riley Jane.

Now, since I live in Ohio and am married to a firefighter, I am watching the results to the election.

This is from my honey's Facebook page. I think his Captain took this photo.

Did you go vote? One of my biggest pet peeves is Americans who don't vote. "One vote doesn't make a difference." "I don't have time." "I don't know anything about the issues or the people." Huh. Lame excuses all.

One vote DOES make a difference. Talk to my kids about the two school levies that failed. One try failed by like TWO votes. TWO. The next failed because it TIED. TIED. The kids in our district lost A LOT because "One vote doesn't make a difference."

A lot of people died so you could have your right to vote. And a lot of people are still putting their life in danger so that you can have the right to vote.

All right. I'll get off my high horse and go watch some more news/movie/tv show/sports/... Can you tell Jason has the remote?

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