Monday, November 7, 2011

How My November is going

My November update:

1. I have written a post EVERY day so far. Of course, we are only seven days in.... And, I admit, a couple of my posts were not very imaginative or long. But this is supposed to help my writing so hopefully as the month goes on, I will get better!

2. I knew exercising three times a week would be hard for me. Does walking about a mile with the kids for trick or treat count? It does for me. Also, I played basketball with everyone on Wednesday. So, only twice. Should do better this week. Ruth and I are going to take the dogs for a walk after her school Elluminate session today.

3. Cleaning is going to begin today. I am going to move a lot of the stuff out and move the ironing board over by the window. Also, am switching tables from the oval one to the rectangular one.

4. Need to start finish knitting more of my UFOs. Can't work on sewing ones until I get my sewing room straightened around.

5. Shows what I know. I think these were already on there! But I also, have started putting a watermark on my photos. Would also like to change my header. Hmmmm...

6. Still haven't found a good time to do this. Am just going to have to do it in the middle of the day. If I get up early, so do the kids! It's like they have this invisible Momma link. Bleh. Also, the time change this past weekend makes them get up earlier for a few weeks. Double bleh.

7. Need to get #3 finished first.

8. Need to get #7 finished first.

Still have a long way to go but have started, that is what counts. Starting and keep going.

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