Thursday, March 22, 2012

We've been busy!

The past two evenings have been pretty busy.

WARNING! This post contains lots and lots of pictures.

Tuesday was the library's ice cream finale for their winter reading program. My kids read AT LEAST 1/2 hour every day (Ruth - more like 2 hours), so the program's 15 minutes a day is not that difficult.

 Also, Jason and I still read with Eian every night. Ruth & Abbe listen too if it is a book they are interested in. This week has been Dr. Seuss books. Eian goes through phases. Last week was LEGO Ninjago - so thrilling. Huh.

Ruth, Abbe and I have closed the library down the last two Tuesdays. I think Ruth would live there if she could. The librarians at our local library are so nice and helpful. They make my kids feel right at home.

One of the librarians read a book about making ice cream, they made ice cream (in the double bags) that they tasted, played an ice cream game, made an ice cream craft, AND made ice cream sundaes! Whew!

This little girl was 'out' of the game first and I think she was about ready to cry. Ruth walked over, took her hand very nicely and said, "Come on, I'll read you a book." I was so proud! The girl's mother was very appreciative too. I think she could see the preschooler tantrum coming too.

On the way home, we stopped along the road and Jason recorded some spring peepers. They were so loud, they started to hurt my head.


(Most of the following pictures containing Eian are blurry. Sorry. You try. (-; He is constant motion.)

Wednesday was early release day for Abbe and Eian's school. (Some sort of teacher in-service thing.) We usually try to pick them up from school and do something special on those days.

Also, Ruth was accomplishing NOTHING. Four hours for one math lesson?????? Really Ruth?

Ruth and I decided Slate Run Farm would be THE place to go. It's warm, sunny, spring - that means.....BABIES!!!!

Some lambs were old enough to be outside...

and some were so new, they were still in the barn with their mamas.

Peeking in at the twin lambs born the day before. Notice Abbe trying to stay out of the little teeny bit of slightly squishy mud!

The lambs were so adorable I had to pry the kids away so we could go see the.....

Piglets! They were born on Monday - so cute!

Baby pigs are so very cute, but then they grow up and become hogs. Eian was saying that he wanted to take one piglet home. I said, but then soon we would have a big old sow running around the house, rooting him out of bed in the morning! He thought that would be very funny.

Wood is stacked up, ready for a summer of baking and canning. Fun memories of 90F heat and 90% humidity the summer I interned there. Yes, that is THREE stacks wide.

The farm ladies were cleaning out the summer kitchen. Herb garden was doing well. And spring flowers were up and blooming.

New fish. Ruth sat and sat and sat and watched it and watched it and watched it. I love the cool 'bowl'.

Eian loves the Jacob's ladder toy. I keep telling him he needs to talk to Grandpa about helping him make one.

Dancing man.

Before we left, the kids helped put the chickens away, feed and water them, and gather the eggs.


Afterwards we went to the playground at the park part. Ruth just sat and read. She wasn't feeling well, hopefully just allergies.

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