Monday, June 25, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

More excuses on why I have not been posting:
1. I haven't felt the best.
2. Ruth has had a sinus infection for about TWO weeks and is on second antibiotic.
3. Eian has been sick for the past five days and a boy needs his mama when he is sick. Doctor evaluation: swimmer's ear and a virus. So, ear drop antibiotics and no swimming for a week.
4. Jason is back to work the firehouse after being off for a month (one of the pros of being a firefighter and not having used any vacation for a long time due to low seniority).
5. Overwhelmed by what all I need to blog about.
6. The kids and I haven't really settled into a summer routine yet.
7. Haven't downloaded recent pictures yet - keep forgetting.
8. Could probably list about 20 more reasons.

The excuses may be many but they are still not good enough. I just need to make time!

Sooooo, my goal is to blog twice a week for the rest of the summer! Let's all hope for the best!

Especially since THE TOUR starts on Saturday!!!! Yeah! Can't wait!

We are babysitting a good friends dog this week - Moxie. She is pretty funny and still has a lot of puppy like enthusiasm that our dogs now lack. I need to take some pictures 'cause she is pretty cute!

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