Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My lovely vacation in Charleston

(I am just going to put some pictures of our vacation in - no particular order or place.)

We spent the first night of vacation with my dear friend Amy. We have been friends since we met at parent/baby swim class at the YMCA when Ruth was about six months old. Abbe took her first steps at Amy's house here in Circleville. Amy's first three boys are the same age as Ruth and Abbe. Her youngest will be in kindergarten this fall.

Amy's house looks like a decorator came in and did everything. That decorator would be Amy. She really has the 'touch' to make things look welcoming and lovely but also very comfortable at the same time. She has done this in every house I have seen her live in (here in Ohio, West Virginia and now Charleston, SC). I just don't have that same touch.

Of course, I don't think I took any pictures while we were at their house - I was really exhausted from the drive. Also, we spent that night talking until about 1 am - which is VERY LATE for this old lady.

The next day we went to our house by the beach. We had fun doing the beach thing some days and going into Charleston a couple of times.

The history of Charleston in AMAZING! Many on the houses were built in the late 1600's - yes that number is correct! I know in other countries that isn't really old but here in the USA it is. Jason and I were talking about how a house built in 1750 was really a new house compared to most.

I think the kids kind of got how old things truly were - at least I hope they did.

Jason and I really love history. We love to look and learn about it.

For anyone going to Charleston, the Charleston Museum is really cool. They have an AWESOME children's section. The kids were just telling Nana and Papa some of the stuff they learned there. I was impressed.

Right now they are having a rotating couture exhibit. WOW! Was it spectacular! But the seamstress in me would have loved to have seen the inside of the dresses and outfits too - not just how they look on a mannequin. How outfits are constructed is half of what makes them interesting to me.

Since it is almost midnight, I am going to wrap up. I will post more of our adventures later.

Disclaimer: Jason took most of the photos in Charleston and I took most of the ones at the beach. I really didn't feel like carrying the big camera around Charleston. I know, LAME. But I think Jason did a pretty darn good job. Don't you?

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JEO46 said...

Yes, he did.Love the pictures. Cannot wait to see more.