Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quiet....and misc.

After the rush of getting everybody up and out the door at 8:30 the past two mornings, I have a little bit of quiet time to myself!

Ruth has day camp at Alley Park this week. She is in nature and animal heaven! Yesterday, she got to go canoeing, geocaching, and made a fishing pole. She was stoked and tired! I love camp.

Abbe and Eian are on their second week of their second set of swim lessons this summer. Eian missed half of the first session with swimmers ear and some other sort of illness that is FINALLY gone.

Moxie, my friend Linda's dog, is with us for the whole week! She is so much fun. The puppy enthusiasm is great for a week. Then, we go back to 'old dog' time when she leaves. ;)

I have been making a sincere effort to get some sewing accomplished. Linda has really been pushing me - but that is what I really need. Someone to be accountable to.

Also, I have been trying some new recipes. Tired of buying granola bars and such when I know I can make them for much less and with better ingredients. Have tried 5 minute bread, coconut granola bars and pb/pretzel/choc chip bars. Jason has requested a "regular" granola bar - whatever that means.

Notes from taste testers:
1. Bread: too salty, perfect, not big enough, yummy
2. Coconut bars: AWESOME! Wonder what they would taste like baked? (note: only Eian and I like coconut!)
3. Pb/pretzel/choc chip bars: Mmmmmm, pretty good, can I have "regular ones"?

Sooooo, made a new batch of 5 minute bread with only 1 tbsp of salt, and am going to try to find "regular" granola bar recipe!


Pictures by RUTH! Taken one beautiful day at Hargus Lake. We took the dogs and found a geocache. Good day.

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