Thursday, June 7, 2012

Science Experiments 2

Well...... the science experiments didn't turn out to well.

The multi-colored jars were supposed to be sugar candy on the sticks. Ended up all the sugar candy settled on the bottom on the jar. NONE. NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE was on the stick. Sigh. Absolutely no idea what we did wrong.

The flowers never did bloom. Was worth a try. Am going to dry the bulbs and plant them this fall in my new flower bed in front of my deck. Sigh, again.


Sorry no posts lately.

We just returned from Charleston, SC, and the girls and I have been sick. Ruth still is.

Have LOTS and LOTS of pictures to sort through so I can share.

Of course, since Jason (my brave firefighter husband) took a lot of the pictures while we were in downtown Charleston, we have some of Charleston's finest in action.

Went on a geocache 'treasure' hunt yesterday. Have pictures and stories to share from that too.


Hope you all have been doing well.

What do you have planned for this summer?

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