Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Handbags, Faith and Elections

Well, I finally finished a purse.

This one has been knitted and felted for quite a while. Mom picked it out for her birthday present (yes, it was back in April. Sigh.). I had to sew the lining twice. First time, I made it WAY too small. And added the grommets for the handles. This is my own design and therefore no pattern.

Here is one that I let Mom choose from. When she didn't pick it, I decided to take it for myself. This is my own design too.

These two were finished this summer. The first is my own design. The second one is a pattern from a book.

I have a few more knitted and felted that need lined and finished.

Took a bunch of photos. Am trying to see what would look good for listing on Etsy. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and Joyce Meyer kicked my behind again this morning. God is truly speaking to me through her.


So glad that today is election day. Living in Ohio, the amount of advertising has been unreal. We get about 5-8 pieces of advertising in the mail EVERY DAY. Also, we have been getting 8-12 phone calls a day. Three already this morning! I really should have reported them because we signed up online to stop getting the phone calls, AND Jason and I both called them to be taken off the list. To no avail. Started blocking all of the numbers but then they switch to 'private caller' and I can't block that. Sigh.

The TV advertising is ridiculous. I really think that political TV advertising should be banned. Don't you? They can say anything they want and then quietly retract it, if it is untrue. People should have to do true research. Voting is a serious thing. We should not just take whatever we see on the TV for the truth - they can skew it any way they want. Even my 10 year old has seen and realized this. So why is it so hard for older, supposedly wiser, people to understand that too?


Do you think TV political advertising should be banned? What do you think of my purses so far? Has God been speaking to you lately?


nana said...

I like your bags... Good designs... For me the hard handle would be difficult.. Good color choices... Keep on you will have a whole line done before you know it... You can't... if you don't DO...

Voting is something that is our rights.. Praying I make a good choice.. We have had some calls not like you.. Bit of mail...

Joyce Myers I love listening to her.. I think one of thing I have learn is satan is and well do his job... So to speak.. Starting and following Jesus daily has been my greatest help... Many mustard seeds have been planted, letting them grow to awsome benefits in our lives..Finding the moment of peace for all.. With the girls you can start each day listening and visiting with God.. For many years I kept saying God was touching me on the shoulder... Hey you LISTEN... I am... Finding peace within.. Removing all the outside world. Yells, tv, pets, can help with learning of Gods love.. Don't have to read a prayer... Just have a conversation... This has been shared by many...

Andrea said...

Thanks Nana. I am trying.

Nana said...

Thought.... is there a bible study girls, you, me. Whoever.. We could skype read and comment study...Geared to their age...Something that would hold their interest.